Saturday, February 9, 2013


Greetings, my name is Sebastian Audet.

The focus of this blog will be on improving rational UI/UX design, using existing frameworks, software, and organization strategies.

Hopefully, you will find something usefull you can apply elsewhere. It is not the goal of this blog to be the most comprehensive, knowledgeable place for all UI/UX or ergonomic designs, only to be Yet Another Guide (YAQ) into the world of productive computing.

As my main platforms and areas of UI experience are Windows 7, Ubuntu/Debian Linux variations, HTML, and Android  (with a smattering of RedHat/Fedora), I will mainly focus on these platforms. Where I can, I will endeavor to talk about Windows XP (where applicable), or specifically mention that the post is for one platform or another. Thankfully, Windows 7 shares many featuers in common with Vista and Windows 8, so many of these features should be universally applicable across many versions of Windows, including XP and 2000. However, I have little applicable experience with either Metro, or Windows Phone 7.

May the blog Live long, and Prosper!

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